Office 365 - Troubleshooting and Data Required to Open a Case

Audience: IT Administrators

This document will provide some common troubleshooting steps, required case information, and additional tips to use as an IT admin when working with an end user experiencing issues. Having the information already gathered will ensure efficient service will be provided by help desk staff and Office 365 support team.

When contacting the Help Desk:

Some common troubleshooting steps the Help Desk agents will look for:

We do have a document that has some additional troubleshooting tools that we use, either to try to fix things, to gather more information for us, or to gather more information for Microsoft, should a case need to be opened: Office 365 - Troubleshooting Options.

The case information the Help Desk will request is as follows:

  •  Example Case:
    • Customer has become the owner of a Service Account: However, when he attempts to open it, he receives a “something went wrong” error message and cannot access the account.

      • Customer name: Jane Doe
      • Email address(es) experiencing the problem:
      • Contact email address (if unable to use Office 365):
      • Error message (if applicable) with exact wording and/or screenshot: “something went wrong You don’t have permission to open this mailbox.”
      • Provide step by step instructions on how the problem can be replicated: Customer attempts to open the Service Account using the linked login instructions in doc 39838 however he receives the error message. Customer only uses OWA for access.
      • Can the Help Desk replicate the issue: No
      • Troubleshooting steps performed by Help Desk agent: Had customer clear cache and cookies and try a different browser, but neither changed the outcome.
      • Type of access (OWA, desktop client, mobile client): OWA
      • --If OWA:
        • Browser and version (IE 11, Firefox 36, Chrome 41, Safari 6): Chrome v 37.0.2062.124
        • Operating system and version (Windows 8.1, Mac OS X 10.9, Linux 14): Windows 8.1
      • If issue is with desktop client of Outlook - attach screen shots of authenticated/configured account screen: see attachments

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