CAE Printer Locations

A listing of the printers that CAE maintains on the College of Engineering campus

There are a number of printers connected to the CAE network, but only a few that CAE maintains for general use. Before we get to the listing, here are a few points about CAE's printers:

1410 Engineering Drive (CAE Building)

Rm 116*: cae-116-duplex T  (duplex1 and duplex2) and cae-116-color

*Serves CAE labs 116 and 121.

Engineering Centers Building

Rm M1053*: ecb-m1053-duplex

*Serves ECB labs M1051 and M1053.

Engineering Hall


Rm B103C: engr-B103C-laser

Rm B555: engr-b555-laser

First floor:

Rm 1249: engr-1249-duplex and engr-1249-plotter (24" max size in one dimension on the plotter)

Second floor:

Rm 2261: engr-2261-duplex T

Rm 2324: engr-2324-duplex 

Third floor:

Rm 3654: engr-3654-duplex

Mechanical Engineering

First floor:

Rm 1262*: me-1262-duplex T (duplex1 and duplex2) and  me-1262-plotter (24" max size in one dimension on the plotter)

*serves Mechanical Engineering labs 1235, 1245, 1255, and 1263

Wendt Commons Library

CAE does not maintain any printers in Wendt Commons.

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