UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Summer Appointments

This KB document explains summer appointments including how to set up summer appointments, when the Summer Hire function can be used, and how to pay lump sum payments to current employees for summer appointments.

  • This document applies only to UW-Madison. Users from other campuses should refer to documentation intended for their campuses.

Procedure At–a–Glance

Category: Summer Appointments
Audience: HR and Payroll professionals who hire and manage summer appointments.
Overarching Process: Overview of hiring summer appointments (summer service and summer session)


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This KB covers:

Key Terms

Here is a list of key terms that may be used with managing summer appointments:

  • Academic Year Employees - also known as C basis or C pay basis – employees paid on a 9-month contract.
  • Summer Service & Summer Session – separate job during the summer, either Research/Other or Teaching, by employees who hold a C basis position during the academic year or are hired from outside the university only for summer employment.
  • Expected Job End Date (EJED) - the last day the employee is in pay status in that job.
  • Short Work Break - Academic Year Employee Jobs are placed on Short Work Break through a batch process run by UW Shared Services at the end of the contract year. This makes their payroll status on that job inactive until the start of the fall contract.
  • Return from Short Work Break - Academic Year Employee Jobs that are renewable positions are returned from Short Work Break on the first day of the fall contract through a batch process run by UW Shared Services.  This returns the payroll status of that job to active.
  • Auto Termination - a nightly process that automatically adds a termination row to a job (with an EJED) with an effective date of 1 day after the EJED.

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Procedural Steps