Canvas - How to embed a video in Canvas with the rich content editor (RCE) using Kaltura Media (UW-Madison)

This document describes how Canvas users can use the Canvas rich content editor (RCE) to embed Kaltura MediaSpace media into Canvas pages, discussion posts, and quiz descriptions.

Kaltura MediaSpace is UW-Madison's media streaming service and is integrated with Canvas. Kaltura media can be embedded wherever Canvas allows you to use the rich content editor. Embedding Kaltura media in a Canvas Page or other Canvas tool is generally how we recommend instructors include media in a course at UW-Madison. Embedded media provides more context and keeps the student in Canvas rather than sending them to an external link outside of Canvas. It also allows Kaltura to collect more detailed analytics.

  1. In your Canvas course, go to the Canvas page, discussion post, or quiz discussion you want to embed Kaltura media in. Click Edit.
  2. Move your cursor to the point in your Canvas item where you want to insert Kaltura media.
  3. Click the blue V icon to view the More External Tools menu. Select Kaltura Media from the drop-down list:
    A screenshot showing the Canvas rich content editor. The user has clicked on the blue "V" icon to open the external tools menu. The cursor hovers over "Kaltura Media" which is outlined in red.

    For those using the new Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) available as a feature option in Canvas on January 18th, 2020 this step is slightly different (click this text to expand):

    On January 18th 2020, a new Canvas feature option will allow instructors to enable "RCE Enhancements". RCE stands for "Rich Content Editor". If you have enabled this feature this step is slightly different. Click the new Apps button which looks like an electrical plug on the far right of the menu. You may need to click on the three dot button on the right to expand the menu to see the button:
    A screenshot showing the new Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE) toolbar. The user has clicked on the three dot menu on the far right and expanded the menu. The mouse hovers over the "Apps" button which looks like an electrical plug. The button is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.
    A Select App window will open. Scroll down and click on Kaltura Media to open the Kaltura Media window and proceed to step 4:
    A screenshot showing Canvas's "Select App" window. The user has scrolled down so that "Kaltura Media" is available. The cursor is hovering near the text, ready to click  on it to open the "Kaltura Media" window. The text is outlined in orange to help draw attention to it.

  4. A window titled Kaltura Media will open showing the media content associated with your Kaltura account. By default it is on the My Media tab. If you are using a course media gallery, first select the media gallery by clicking on the Media Galleries drop-down menu at the top of the screen and clicking on your media gallery. These directions assume you select a media entry from My Media. More information on using media galleries is available in Kaltura - Using Kaltura course media galleries and analytics in Canvas .
    • If you'd like to upload media at this point you can also click Add New and select Media Upload or another option to add new media to your account.
  5. Scroll to or search for the media you want to embed. Click the </> Embed button next the media you want to embed:
    A screenshot showing the "Kaltura Media" window. A video named "Test - Very basic Kaltura video" is displayed. The cursor hovers over the "</> Embed" button.
    Optional: If you would like to customize how your media is embedded in Canvas, instead of clicking the </> Embed button, click the gear button:
    A screenshot showing the gear button in isolation.
    An Embed Settings window will display:
    A screenshot showing the Kaltura "Embed Settings" screen. There are options to (1) choose the player, (2) choose the max embed size, (3) turn thumbnail embed on or off, (4) turn autoplay on or off, (5) set these settings as the default settings for this media type, (6) set the start time, (7) set the end time, and (8) the </> Embed button.
    1. Choose Player: Users can now choose between the "Main Player" and the "Main Player with Download Button" if they want users to be able to download the media file locally to their computer. If you choose the "Main Player with Download Button", viewers can download the original version of the video you uploaded to Kaltura by clicking the Download video button in the upper right of the video:
      A screenshot showing a zoomed in view of the "download" button in the upper right of the Kaltura download player.
    2. Max Embed Size: Users can choose how large the media is displayed within the Canvas rich content editor.
    3. Thumbnail Embed: Turning thumbnail embed on renders an image that will display instead of the video player. The student needs to click on the image to load the player. Generally we recommend keeping this option turned off.
    4. Auto Play: Turning auto play on plays the media immediately when the student loads the page with the embedded media. We recommend you keep auto play off and let the student choose to play the media by clicking the "Play" button.
    5. Set as my default settings for media type: Video (or Audio, or Image): If you like the settings you have selected you can check this box to make future embeds use them without having to set them every time.

      Some users have reported that this feature does not actually allow them to set the embed settings as their default.

    6. Start at: Set the start time for the media item.
    7. End at: Set the end time for the media item.
    8. </> Embed: When you have set the options you want, click the </> Embed button to embed the media.
  6. The video will show up on your Canvas page. You can continue to edit the page and add text if you'd like. Once you're done click the Save button.
  7. Canvas will display your page with your embedded Kaltura video.

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