Office 365 - Reduced access to services due to an affiliation change

If your affiliation with UW-Madison changes (i.e., student graduates and becomes alumni), you will begin to receive a series of “reduced access” email notifications that will let you know that your access to Office 365 services will be reduced.

Please note, this document is not intended to do the following:

This document does not apply to individuals who leave and have no affiliation with the university (i.e., faculty/staff no longer employed by UW-Madison or a student who does not graduate from the university). These individuals will receive deactivation notifications.


Reduced access email notifications

The reduced access email notifications will include the following information:

The following are some examples of scenarios when affiliation changes will trigger the series of reduced access email notifications:

Example of reduced access email notification

From: Productivity and Collaborative Solutions
Sent: May 27, 2020 12:42 PM
To: Bucky Badger
Subject: Your access to UW-Madison Office 365 services is changing soon

Hello Bucky,

Your access to UW-Madison Office 365 services will change on August 24, 2020.

On August 24, 2020, the UW-Madison Office 365 license for your NetID "bbadger" will change from group A to Group D. Learn more about this group change here: You will continue to have your current level of access to UW-Madison Office 365 services until this date.

Before August 24, 2020:
- Review the services that change for your account
- Backup or transfer ownership of data

If you have any questions, please contact the DoIT Help Desk at

Thank you,

UW-Madison Office 365 Team
Productivity and Collaborative Solutions (PCS)
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Affiliation groups and access to Office 365 services

In general, UW-Madison paid employees and currently enrolled students fall into groups A and B. Individuals who are not paid or enrolled are more likely to be in groups C, D, or E. There are exceptions.

Microsoft 365 Plans A B C D E
Office 365 services
Azure Active Directory Premium (Plan 1) X X
Azure Information Protection Premium (Plan 1) X
Azure Rights Management X X X
Cloud App Security X X
Cloud App Security Discovery X X
Exchange Deskless X X X
Exchange Online * X X X
Exchange Online (Plan 2) * X X
Flow X X X
Forms X X X
Information Protection for O365 Standard X X
Insights by MyAnalytics X
Minecraft Education Edition X X
Office Pro Plus * X X X
Office Web Apps X X X
OneDrive for Business X
Planner X X X
PowerApps X X X
Power Virtual Agents for Office 365 X
SharePoint Online X
SharePoint Online (Plan 2) X X
Skype for Business Online (Plan 2) X X X
Stream X X X
Sway X X X
Teams X X X
Teams Audio Conferencing (dial-in) X
To-Do (Plan 2) X X X
Universal Print X
Whiteboard (Plan 2) X X
Windows 10 Enterprise X X
Yammer Basic X X X

* Exchange Online provides access to email, calendar, people, contacts, and tasks.

* Office Pro Plus provides access to the following Microsoft desktop applications: Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word.

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