MyUW Value Proposition

Provides overall values of MyUW in helping UW-Madison campus work smarter, faster and safer. This document provides insight into MyUW core values, strategies and its involvement in key campus initiatives.

Since 2001 MyUW has helped UW-Madison faculty, staff, applicants, and students work smarter, faster, and safer. In an increasingly complex university environment, MyUW is an indispensable and cost effective service that helps the university achieve its teaching, learning, research, and outreach goals. Each year more than 150,000 people log into My UW-Madison more than 20 million times.

Our vision is to provide ease and clarity in a complex digital environment.

Our mission is to have MyUW as the central hub where the campus community can go to conduct university business and get things done.  We help UW work smarter, faster, and safer by providing a secure, personalized platform for easy navigation to services, applications, and resources.  In an increasingly complex digital environment, MyUW presents a unified, modern user experience.

MyUW provides a centrally funded platform available to all campus stakeholders that is secure, robust, scalable, and easy to use. We have flexible integration and development options including links, widgets, dashboards, and full applications. MyUW offers a responsive design, style guide, design process, consistent user experience, central support, and usage analytics. We practice user-centered design and Agile development that encourages rapid, continual improvement. MyUW provides value to all parts of campus:

MyUW is playing a role in addressing major campus initiatives by increasing efficiencies and improving the campus experience. Examples include:

MyUW core values include:

The following strategies advance the MyUW mission: