EPD Structure & Information

Engineering Professional Development (EPD) is an internationally recognized, financially self-sustaining office within the UW-Madison College of Engineering with an annual operating budget of $13 million dollars. EPD seeks to fulfill the university's commitment to the "Wisconsin Idea" by providing non-credit short courses, customized training, internet delivered distance degree programs, and technical assistance to practicing professionals in a wide range of technical disciplines.

EPD Mission:  To provide engineering and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills to benefit their careers, industry, and society.

EPD Vision:  To be the most trusted, respected, and recognized provider of quality and value in lifelong education for engineers and technical professionals.

EPD Values:  

For Industry:
  • We are a trusted resource that provides objective and highly-valued education for engineers and technical professionals.
  • We remain committed to delivering quality technical information with experiential learning that leads attendees to be loyal partners as lifelong learners.
For Ourselves:
  • We seek to recruit and retain the best talent and provide an environment that inspires their passion and commitment to education.
  • With trust and respect for each other, we apply an “exceed expectations” attitude in everything we do—working tirelessly to collaboratively achieve our mission and carry out our vision.
EPD Organizational Chart

EPD Groups:
  • Business Operations
  • Credit Programs
  • Professional Development Programs
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  • Human Resources