General Education Committee members

At its meeting of November 21, 1996 the University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) assigned the overall academic administration of the campus-wide General Education Requirements to the College of Letters and Science to act as trustee on behalf of all schools and colleges. The College of Letters and Science formed a General Education Committee to serve as an advisory body for this purpose. Dr. Elaine M. Klein (, L&S Associate Dean of Academic Planning, chairs this committee and coordinates General Education efforts for the campus.

2018-2019 Members of the UW-Madison General Education Committee:

Chair: Elaine M. Klein, Associate Dean, L&S Administration

Term Members:
Todd Courtenay Bacteriology, Year 1 of 3
Ellen Damschen, Integrative Biology, 2 of 3
Diane Gooding, Psychology, Year 3 of 3
Stephen Meyers, Geoscience, Year 2 of 3
Russell Shafer-Landau, Philosophy, Year 2 of 3
Morris Young, English, Year 1 of 3
Kimber Wilkerson, Rehab Psych & Spec Ed, Year 1 of 3
Ethnic Studies Subcommittee member, to be named

Student Members:
Wayne Goodman
Alexandra Hader

Ex Officio:
Mo Bischof, Associate Vice Provost
Claire Barrett, Center for the First-Year Experience
Kimbrin Cornelius, L&S Administration
Steve Cramer, Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning
Karen Evans-Romaine, GNS - Slavic (Communication Liaison)
Brad Hughes, Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum
Clare Huhn, Academic Planning and Institutional Research
Liane Kosaki, L&S Undergraduate Deans' Services, Undergraduate Advising
Regina Lowery, Provost’s Office, Assessment Coordinator
Mari Magler, McBurney Disability Resource Center
Shirin Malekpour, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Administration (L&S)
Nathan Phelps, First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs)
Sheila Stoeckel, Library & Information Literacy Instruction Program
Benedek Valko, Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning Liaison)
Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, GNS - German (AACU/Liberal Education Liaison)
Jim Wollack, Director, Testing and Evaluation Services

Assistant to the committee:
Joni Brown, L&S Administration

2018-2019 Members of the Ethnic Studies Subcommittee:

Chair: Jenna Nobles (Sociology)

Lori Kido Lopez (Communication Arts and Asian American Studies)
Roberta Hill (English and American Indian Studies)
Nathan Phelps (Assistant Dean, Director, First Year Interest Groups)
Tori Richardson (Assistant Dean, L&S Academic Affairs)
Elaine Klein (Associate Dean, L&S Administration)