UW-Madison - IT - Electronic Devices Connected to the Network Policy

Applies to anyone who connects a device to a UW-Madison network by any means.

All devices connected to the UW-Madison network by any means must run up-to-date anti-virus software, when available, and keep all operating system software, device firmware, application software and other software current with the latest security patches from the vendor.


Devices connected to the University of Wisconsin-Madison network by any means must:

In cases where it is not possible to update software or firmware, the device must be protected by other means, such as, but not limited to, a dedicated firewall or limited network access.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s network provides the technical foundation for conduct of its academic, research and administrative missions. This network has largely been open to the Internet over the years. Providing this open access to information technology is imperative to ensuring academic freedom at the institution.

An important part of providing this network access is ensuring that the network is secure. Recent attacks from viruses and worms and denial-of-service attacks harm the university’s ability to provide access to needed information to all members of the university community. In order to ensure continued access to information technology, a policy is needed that provides guidance to faculty, staff, students and other authorized users regarding their network connectivity. This policy’s goal is to provide this guidance and ensure that the university network is secure and available to all.


Issued by the UW-Madison Vice Provost for Information Technology.


The University reserves the right to suspend access to preserve the integrity of the network.


Please address questions or comments to policy@cio.wisc.edu.