Kaltura - Time-Based Commenting (UW-Madison)

This tutorial explains how to add a timestamp in the comment section of any media that you are viewing.

While viewing media, you can set a time stamp to jump to certain points of the video in the comment section.

  1. Play the media to the point you would like to add a comment to. In this example we've played the video to the :04 second mark.
  2. Locate the Comments field under the media item and add your comment.
  3. Click the Add comment at 00:00 checkbox. This will be a timestamp of wherever you've played the video to. Alternately you can add a timestamp wherever you want in a comment by inserting the text [00:00] being the time in the video you want.
  4. Click the Add button:
    A screenshot showing the comments field below a media item in Kaltura MediaSpace. Specific areas have been called out to connect to the steps: (2) the comments field, (3) the "Add comment" checkbox, and (3) the "Add" button.
    Once this has been added to the comments section, you along with other viewers can click on the "[0:04]" (or whatever time you entered) to navigate to that point in the video. A comment with a timestamp will look something like this:
    A screenshot of a comment on a Kaltura MediaSpace video with a timestamp.


  • The media item may need to be playing before you use the timestamps in the comments section, or it will appear as if you have just refreshed the page.
  • Some videos are slightly off-time, so timestamps may jump to a slightly delayed point in the video. For example, [0:54] may jump to [0:56]