PI Portal: About Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications are reminders about:

An alert is a reminder about something unambiguous. For example, if you need to take Conflict of Interest training, the only way to make the alert disappear is by completing the training.

A notification is a reminder about something that may require decision-making on your part. For example, if one of your awards is approaching its end date, you may need to work through RSP's award closeout checklist (which is available by clicking the text of the notification) - or you may need to initiate a no-cost extension and change the end date.

You can dismiss a notification when you no longer wish to see it. You cannot dismiss an alert. An alert will disappear only when the condition mentioned in the alert has been satisfied.

There may be a lag between the time you satisfy a condition and the time a reminder disappears from the portal. This is due to the intervals at which data becomes available. For example, fresh data about some training courses is available to us only once a day.

The portal informs you about alerts and notifications three ways:
  1. In a list on the Home tab of your My Information module
  2. With numbers next to topics in the left navigation bar
  3. At the top of a subject-specific My Information page