Campus Recurring Outage Windows

In an effort to provide longer advance notice to campus, and to ensure our ability to get needed windows the Campus Network Services group is scheduling major outage windows three times a year for the foreseeable future. These recurring windows will make it simpler for users to schedule their critical activities to avoid this network maintenance window. All outage windows are from Sunday Midnight to Sunday 8AM local time.


  • We have a weekly window from Midnight until 8AM Sunday for less intrusive work.
  • In extremely unusual circumstances we may still need to schedule maintenance outside of these windows.

Campus Long Term Recurring Outage Windows

These windows are from midnight to 8AM on Sunday mornings.

The Campus Network

The campus network consists of any fiber, equipment or cabling that moves network traffic. This consists mostly of the the following:

What we do in these windows

Mostly the windows are used for upgrades to the operating system code on the switches. Vendors provide new features, patches for bugs and fixes for security problems. In order to benefit from these changes we need to reload the operating system software. Additionally we upgrade hardware, add new devices that affect campus as a whole and perform other maintenance that has a significance risk of affecting campus within these windows.

Campus Network Engineering is commited to taking reasonable steps to keep the campus community informed of what we are going to do in each window. Not all windows are used. If you have any questions feel free to contact the NOC and ask if anything is currently planned. Note that plans can and do change at the last minute.

Do we use all of the window?

In general no, but we cannot predict how a particular upgrade will go, and so we reserve a window larger than what we expect to need.

How does campus network engineering attempt to minimize the impact?

The general process is as follows:

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