UW Madison Infrastructure Labelling Standards

This document explains labelling standards for fiber and copper termination on the UW Madison campus.

The authoritative document for both UW and the State lives on netcms.doit.wisc.edu at:


A couple things need to happen when UW_V-D_jack_standard.ppt is updated.

  1. Create a PDF from UW_V-D_jack_standard.ppt in the same directory as the UW_V-D_jack_standard.ppt, named "UW_V-D_jack_standard.pdf".

    Users can view this link from the web:

    Or by going to:
    and search for "labels".

  2. If UW_V-D_jack_standard.ppt is changed in anyway, a PDF copy must be emailed to Julie Grove of FP&M and also Tom Irwin at the State to update their records.