Office 365 (Outlook for Android/iOS) - Configuring the Outlook app for Android/iOS

The Outlook for Android/iOS app is the recommended way to connect to your Office 365 account on your device. Unlike the native email and calendar clients on your device, the Outlook app is fully supported by Microsoft.

Important: To begin using modern authentication protocols for Office 365 through Outlook for iOS/Android, please follow the steps outlined within the reconfigure account section below.

First time configuration of Outlook for iOS/Android

  1. Install/Configure Outlook app on your device.

Reconfiguring your Outlook app for iOS/Android to use Modern Authentication protocols

  1. Remove your existing Office 365 account from your app.
  2. Configure Outlook app on your device.

On the 'Add Account' screen, enter the email address of the account you are configuring:

  • For NetID Account (e.g., enter:
    • (
    • If you are prompted with a NetID login screen, enter your NetID and associated password with it. Do not enter your email address in the NetID field.

  • For Service Account ( enter:
    • (
      For multi-level domains,, use the following format:
    • If you are linked to the service account, enter your personal NetID credentials in the NetID login screen. If you are not linked to the service account but know the password of the service account, enter the name_domain within the NetID field and the associated password. Do not enter your entire email address in the NetID field.

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