InterPro - Technology - Email & Calendar - Setting Public Permissions

How to change the permissions to limited availability to aid in meeting scheduling.

Permission Levels

There are four permission levels that can be set to control the privacy of the calendar in Office 365. EPD recommends Availability only.
  1. Not shared: This setting keeps the calendar completely private. Only the user can see the events and availability of their calendar. This is the default permission level.
  2. Availability only: It is preferred that all EPD users select this setting. It allows others to view blocks of time as Free, Busy, Tentative, or Away, which greatly aids the scheduling of meetings.
  3. Limited details: This setting allows others to view event subjects and locations. If an individual event is set to private, it will appear as "Private Appointment" to other viewers.
  4. Full Details: This setting allows others to view event subjects, locations, attendees, and descriptions. Like the Limited details setting, individual events set to private appear as "Private Appointment."

Assign Availability Only

  1. Log into the Outlook Web App (OWA).

  2. Switch from email to the calendar by clicking the app launcher tool in the upper left corner and then selecting the Calendar tile.

  3. If the screen looks like the one below, please click the the arrows in the left center of the page to expand the side menu.

  4. After the panel has been expanded, right click "Calendar" with the "CA" icon and select "Permissions."

  5. A side panel will pop out on the right. Click the arrow to drop down the menu next to "Public calendar." Select "Availability only" and press "Save."

For more information, please see [Link for document 29847 is unavailable at this time.]