KB User's Guide - News Tab - Post a News Item

This document explains how to create a new News Item

Create a Brand New News Item

  1. Under the News tab, click on the Create News link.

  2. A new page will open with a blank news template. Enter the appropriate information in each field. For details on the template fields, see KB User's Guide - News Tab - News Creating/ Editing Form Fields

  3. Do not set any "Site access" flags yet - doing so will make the news article immediately available to the chosen KB site(s).

  4. Click the Submit button.

  5. Click Preview to ensure the news article is formatted correctly without saving and make any changes, if necessary.

  6. Set the SiteAccess checkboxes as desired.

  7. Click Submit to publish your news article.

Published News on Your KB Site

This is how your published news will appear in your News Content Module. The Title and Summary will display. Clicking on the More News button on the bottom right if the News Content Module will lead you a table of all your published News Items, even if they are Expired.


Clicking on the title of the News item will lead you to the content of the entire News Item.


Should a user come across an Expired News item, a Disclaimer Banner will be prominently posted across the top.


Finally, if you wish to display the content of your News Item in its entirety in your News Module, try this workaround.

  1. Enter the all your News content either in the Design or the HTML editor.
  2. Check that all the formatting is exactly as you want it to appear.
  3. Next, go to the HTML editor and cut out all the code from the body field into the Summary field (which does NOT have a character limit).
  4. Paste that html code into the Summary field
  5. Enter something into the Body field, as it is a required field.

In the image below, you will see the code that was pasted into the Summary field.


This is what you will see on the Live Site as all the news content was placed in the Summary field.


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