KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Sending Review Reminders

This document explains how to send Review Reminders to document owners.

Active documentation needs to be occasionally reviewed for continued validity. If a new product or service is rolled out, or a major operational change takes place, then several document owners may need to review and edit their documentation to keep it current. This function allows primary KB administrators to send review reminders to document owners. You must have KB Publish rights in order to send review reminders.

Navigation: KB Admin Tools > Documents Tab >Review Reminder link >Review Reminder Options screen

Review Reminder screen in the documents tab of the KB admin tools

For example, if 20 weeks and older is selected from the drop down then a Review Reminder email will be sent to each document owner with a list of documents they own in that KB group that have not been reviewed in more than 20 weeks.

Enter the necessary criteria and click the Send Review Reminder button.

Review reminders are automatically sent to doc owners every 6 months.

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