MyUW Madison - Default Widgets on Homepage

In MyUW, the portal displays a variety of default widgets on your homepage.

What is a default widget?

MyUW takes a guess at what widgets will be useful to you based on your UW-Madison affiliation and role(s) as an applicant, student, or employee.

You can re-arrange, remove, and add more widgets to your homepage. For assistance navigating the MyUW homepage, see MyUW - Navigating and Searching in MyUW.

What are the default widgets?

These are the default widgets in MyUW for users affiliated with UW-Madison:

Default Widgets
Employees (including student employees)

Missing a widget?

If a widget isn't automatically on your homepage, you may be able to find it by searching. For assistance with adding apps, see MyUW - Navigating and Searching in MyUW .

If you are unable to find a widget by searching, your account is likely missing a specific role or piece of identifying information that is necessary to access some widgets.
For assistance with accessing missing widgets, please contact

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