Mainframe - SDSF General Instructions

This document gives a basic overview of SDSF commands and when to use them. This includes displaying the jobs in the input and hold queues.

Clearing the existing settings.

  1. Logon to "SDSF" (S off TSO/ISPF menu).
  2. At the COMMAND INPUT prompt, type Type "PREFIX;DEST" and press "Enter".
The SDSF Options
LOG To see the current log of system activity.
DA Displays ACTIVE (running) processes.
I Input Queue - shows jobs waiting execution.
H Jobs on HOLD - either waiting to be released into Input or Output or actual copies of job JCL (Job Control Language) or previously executed jobs.
ST Displays current status of all jobs.
PR Displays printers.
INIT Displays Initiators (areas where jobs execute or run).

Changing the queue views to display specific information or everything.

  1. If you wish to only see a specific job name or character string:
    • Type "PREFIX xxxx" and press "Enter".
      (Using xxxx=job name or character string. xxxx* will display any occurrence of text typed before the *.)

  2. If you want to see only a specific destination (in the output queue) of a job:
    • Type "DEST xxxx" and press "Enter".
      (where xxxx = remote address of output such as specific printer.)

  3. If you wish to see all queued items for a destination:
    1. Type "PREFIX" and press "Enter".
      (Specify no particular job name or character string.)
    2. Type "DEST xxxx" and press "Enter".
      (xxxx=remote address of output such as specific printer or site.)

Note: These settings remain in effect until re-entered or cleared. To clear, type "PREFIX;DEST" and press "Enter".