L&S Pre-Award: Proposal Data & Rates

This document contains information about personnel costs to use when crafting research grant proposals.

Stipend/Salary Data for Proposals

Student Assistant Stipends and Employee-in-Training Minima

 Title/Base July 1, 2021-June 30,2022  July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021
 Research Assistants (RA)*
100% time annual - 12 month
 $49,632  $49,632
 Research Assistants (RA)
100% time academic - 9 month
 $40,608  $40,608
 Program/Project Assistants (PA)
100% time annual - 12 month
$50,112  $50,112
 Program/Project Assistants (PA)
100% time academic - 9 month
$41,000  $41,000
 Research Associates "Post Docs" - Minimum rate
100% time annual - 12 month
$36,352  $35,639
 Research Associates "Post Docs" - Minimum rate
100% time academic - 9 month
$29,748  $29,165
 Student hourly - Minimum rate  $10.00/hr   $10.00/hr

NOTE:  For most current information on the above, see the last page of the: Unclassified Title Guidelines and the Office of Fellowships & Funding Resources.

*Limitation on Graduate Assistant Appointments. Teaching, program/project assistant and research assistant appointments offer students who are actively pursuing advanced degrees the opportunity to obtain valuable academic experience. These titles are not intended to be used as substitutes for other employment titles (i.e., lecturer).

View Maximum Levels of Graduate Assistant Appointments

 Fringe Benefit Rates**  FY 21-22 (7/1/21-6/30/22)  FY20-21 (7/1/20-6/30/21)
 Regular faculty and academic staff
34.7.0% 33.6%
 University Staff
 37.0% 48.4%
 Limited Term Employees (LTEs) 9.10% 8.0%
 Research Associates ("Post Docs"/Graduate Interns)  21.4% 21.1%
 Research Assistants (RAs), Project Assistants (PAs), Teaching Assistants (TAs), Pre-Doc Fellows/Trainees  18.0% 16.2%
 Fellows/Trainees at the post-doc level  18.0% 16.3%
 Student Hourly Employees    2.3%

**Use 1% inflator over previous year for out years in proposal budgets.  Rates are usually set mid-spring for 7/1 of the same year.

Tuition Remission

* As of 2016 Fall Semester, the surcharge assessment is $6,000 per semester.

More information on this policy may be found at:


Facilities & Administrative Costs

Please see RSP's F&A Rate Table.

Background information on these rates may be found at: RSP Rates Page.

Other Frequently Requested Data

The University DUNS number, official address, assurance numbers and more can be found at the RSP Frequently Requested Factual Data.

Pre Award Contacts:
Kelly Mallon kelly.mallon@wisc.edu 608-890-3044
Sheila Hayden    sheila.hayden@wisc.edu 608-265-9655

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