L&S Pre-Award: Dissertation Improvement Grant Proposals

This document contains information for graduate students on submitting a proposal for an NSF Doctoral Dissertation (Research) Improvement Grant.

Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants Proposals to the National Science Foundation (NSF)

The process for submitting a proposal for a Doctoral Dissertation (Research) Improvement Grant - DDIG or DDRIG - has three main components:

  1. Writing the proposal.
  2. Creating and completing a campus-only transmittal record in the UW WISPER system.
  3. Uploading and submitting the proposal in the NSF Research.gov submission system.

Instructions for L&S Faculty and Graduate Students submitting DDIG proposals:

Many offices play a part in submitting a proposal. Plan accordingly to give those offices as much notice as possible. See L&S Pre-Award: Proposal preparation and submission for more information.
Pre Award Contacts:
Kelly Mallon kelly.mallon@wisc.edu 608-890-3044
Sheila Hayden, CRA  sheila.hayden@wisc.edu 608-265-9655
Tae Kidd tkidd@wisc.edu 608-262-5218

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