L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)

This document contains information related to the Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) in the College of Letters & Science, including current members and past issues of interest to the committee.

L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues

Beginning in 1999, Committees on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) were established in each school or college. 

The L&S CASI advises the Dean on the formulation and review of policies and procedures concerning the Academic Staff members of the College. It also advises the Dean on Academic Staff promotional opportunities, participation in department governance, and performance recognition.

The committee has both elected and appointed members.

Agendas are posted for previous and upcoming meetings. Persons interested in the topics that have been discussed and will be discussed are encouraged to contact a CASI member to make their opinions known.

Current Members:

David Johnson, Co-Chair (Economics)
Meridith Beck Mink (Letters & Science Administration)
Oh Hoon Kwon (Mathematics)
Lisa Jansen (Learning and Support Services)
Liana Lamont (Chemistry)
Julie Lindsey (Integrative Biology)
Darin Olson (Mead Witter School of Music)
Frank Rooney (Mathematics)
Nicole Senter (German, Nordic, Slavic)


Eric Wilcots, Interim L&S Dean, Committee Chair
Cheryl Adams Kadera (Letters & Science Administration)
Jennifer Noyes (Associate Dean for Operations and Staff)

Issues of Interest to CASI

For minutes and agendas of past meetings, please see the link below.

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