NetID - Activating Missing Services

How to activate missing services, if you have changed status at UW-Madison

When you change your status at UW-Madison (for example: from an applicant to a full student, a student to an employee, or a hospital employee gets a TA or teaching position), the central services for which you are eligible may change.

To activate the new services that you have gained

  1. Go to NetID Modification, log in, and click the "Activate Services" button.


    You may be required to enter Account Recovery questions or email address, if you haven't already, to take advantage of the NetID recovery tool. If you have other changes that you want to make to your account, feel free to make those as well, but it is not required to active missing services. See NetID - Modifying your Account.

  2. If you are eligible for new services, they will be listed on the final screen, along with details about those services.


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