Android - Removing an email/calendar account

This document will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to remove an account from an Android Device.

Note: The screenshots and steps provided in this document refer to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Other devices may be different but will be similar.

How to Remove an Account from an Android Device

  1. Locate your settings icon and select it.


  2. Locate the "Accounts" option and select it.


  3. Press the account that you wish to remove.

    Exchange galaxy tab4 accounts screen

  4. Press the e-mail you wish to remove.


    Important: If you are not sure you have select the correct account to remove, go into the account settings and verify the email address and server information before proceeding.

  5. Select the upper right icon that looks like 3 vertical square dots.


  6. Press "Remove account".


  7. Press "Remove account" on the pop up.


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