Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - How to place an order

How to place an order for Centrex landline services.


To add, change or disconnect Centrex telephone services, please use this form. Please note that most of the UW-Madison campus has switched to Cisco VoIP. If you need to place order for Cisco VoIP, please go here: Cisco VoIP Request Forms

For authorization purposes, email requests will only be accepted from previously approved departmental staff whose names are on file with DoIT Network Applications.  If you are not authorized to place orders, please fill out an authorization form

Please allow two to three weeks lead time when placing a Centrex telephone order. Please move any furniture blocking the affected jack(s) so that our technicians can access the jack(s). 

The authorized person must provide the following information in the email:
  1. Contact name and telephone number - Use the name of a person who will be able to answer questions about this request.
  2. Location information - building name, room number, jack number and telephone number (if existing number). Jack numbers should be located on the voice/data outlet.
  3. Restriction information for new lines. Pick one of the following options:
    1. Unrestricted – allows for long distance and international calls
    2. Local area – restricted to Madison area and campus only Centrex calls
    3. Campus – restricted to campus only Centrex calls
  4. Funding information  - please include Fund, Project ID (if used), Department ID/UDDS and Program Code.
  5. User Name for the line.
Examples of requests:
  • Install one new unrestricted line in Room B119 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T025. Use funding 144-PRJ57HY-A069163-1
  • Move 262-1234 from Room B119 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T026 to Room B116, jack number B150E-TO37.
  • Add extension of 262-1234 in Room B119 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T026 to Room B116, jack number B150E-T025.
  • Move extension of 262-1234 from Room B119 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T026 to Room 120, jack number B150E-T043.
  • Remove extension of 262-1234 Room B119 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T043.
  • Disconnect 262-1234 from B116 Computer Science, jack number B150E-T043. 

Installation of voice/data jacks

Installation of voice/data jacks in rewired buildings is done primarily by the Physical Plant Electric Shop. If a new jack is required, it should be installed before ordering telephone service. Contact Physical Plant at 263-3333.

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If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance