KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Quiz/Survey Results

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The Assessment Tab is not enabled in the KB Admin Tools for groups that do not have any existing quiz/survey questions. If your group would like to use the Assessment Tab features, reach out to kb-team@doit.wisc.edu to have the tab activated.

The Results screen allows you to see which of your users has completed

    Viewing Results in the KB Admin Tools

    To access the Quiz/Survey Results screen, go to the KB Admin Tools > Assessment tab > Quiz/Survey Results link.

    Results for you to view will appear under these filters in table form. If you do not have any Quiz/ Survey Results to view, a "No records found" message will display under the filters.

    Description of Filters

    Description of the Columns in the Results Table

    The image below shows all available column headers of the table populated with Assessment Results. You may check/uncheck the checkboxes to customize your display. The asterisked items indicate which fields appear by default.


    Viewing Your Results by Module

    If you select a specific Module from the Module filter, the results will appear in a table below the filter. 

    In the image below, we have selected the Network Security Module from our test KB site. 


    As we mentioned in the section above, you will be presented with a nine column table to which  you may add/ remove columns by checking/unchecking the check boxes.

    Below the table of results, you will see a very list of your internal users who have not completed the quiz/survey. These results will appear in lighter color font and is semi-colon delimited by name and email address. This list is intended to be formatted in such a way that you can easily copy and paste it into the To: field of an email message so you can contact those individuals to request that they take the quiz/ survey. 


    Under that list, you will a table called  Frequency Tally for: XXXXX (e.g. name of quiz/ survey) with a list of helpful information such as:


    Viewing Assessments in your Live Internal KB Site

    To access your site's Assessments, append:


    to your internal site URL; for example: https://kb.wisc.edu/YOURKBGROUPNAME/internal/assessment.php.

    This will lead you to a page with the default page heading of: your KB Site Name and the word, "Assessment".

    In the image below from our Test KB, you will see the timely page heading created for this page, "Network Security Assessments Spring 2015". For more information on how to create and modify the page heading, please see KB User's Guide - Assessment Tab - Quiz/Survey Settings.

    Also in the image below is an arrow pointing to a Side Module called Quizzes with a link in it, "Network Security". For steps on creating a Side Module on your site, please see Create an Assessment Module to Display on your Live Site.


    Available Modules

    From this page the user will be able to see a table of Modules available to them.

    In the example from our test KB site below, 3 quizzes and a Q&A Review are available to this user.


    Your Results

    From this part of the page, the user will be able to see her/his results.

    In the example below, you can see the results for a quiz taken twice.

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