LabArchives: Logging in

The UW-Madison LabArchives service is tied to the campus identity management system and requires that you log in with your NetID/password.

Sign in to LabArchives with your NetID


Before you can log in to LabArchives using our UW-Madison’s site license:

If your research group hasn't used LabArchives before, please fill out this form.

Logging in for the first time

If you’re using a shared computer, log-out of any prior browser session (NetID Login Service - Logout Procedure) before you begin the steps below. This step prevents you from creating a user account with someone else's NetID.

The first time you log-in to the UW-Madison LabArchives service, you will be guided to the screen below which asks whether you want to create a new account or have an existing account. 

First Login screen

If you have never used LabArchives before: 

If you already have a LabArchives account, including free trial accounts

Logging in regularly

Quick link

The quickest way to sign in to LabArchives with your NetID is to bookmark this link:

This link can also be accessed by clicking the "Current User Log-in" menu item at:

Via the LabArchives site 

You can also login directly through the LabArchives site. Your experience will vary whether you’re on campus/using VPN or off campus. 

On Campus or on VPN

UW-Madison login screen

Off campus

Choose institions screen

More information

If you encounter difficulty logging in please see: LabArchives: Log-in problems