Student Center - Applying for Graduation


Step-by-step guide to applying for graduation in Student Center.

Note: Graduate students who apply will still need to contact their major program to request a degree warrant from the Graduate School on their behalf.


  1. Login to MyUW.
  2. Click on the Student Center tile, then the Academic Records tile.

    Student Center tile Academic records tile

  3. From the menu on the left, click on "Apply for Graduation".

    Apply for graduation tab

  4. Click on the Apply for Graduation link for the Degree in which you are graduating.
    Please note: students do not apply to graduate for additional majors or certificates -- just degrees.

    Begin an Application for Graduation

  5. Select the term in which you expect to receive your degree. Click the Continue button.

    Select Intended Degree Completion Term

  6. Select the commencement ceremony in which you plan to participate. Answer the two questions relating to how your name will print in the Commencement Program

    Select Commencement Ceremony Preferences

    Note: PhD, DMA and MFA students: You will have the option of entering a Faculty Escort for the commencement ceremony. If you do not know it at this time, you can update the information after the application has been submitted.

    Optional Faculty Escort

  7. Click the Submit Application button. You will be taken to a Confirmation page. You should also receive an email stating you have successfully applied.

    Submit Application

  8. Verify your Name, Address, Degree and Commencement information.

    Verify/Confirm Application for Graduation Details