L&S Admin Training - "The Nuts and Bolts of L&S Honors"

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This presentation provides a basic overview of the Honors Program, including its degree tracks (Honors in the Liberal Arts and Honors in the Major), curricular policies, and governance structure. It also includes discussion of the financial resources that are available through the Honors Program to enhance the experiences of high-achieving students: funding to hire lecturer replacements to free up a faculty member to teach a small, Honors-only course; awards to support student research (as apprentices helping faculty with their research and independent senior these research); and awards to support student travel related to research. This training session will appeal to chairs, department administrators, and undergraduate advisors.

Note: This presentation works best in Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, you must first save the presentation to a location on your computer and then open it. If you have any difficulties viewing the presentation, please contact Joni Brown at joni.brown<at>wisc.edu

This presentation was originally given live, as part of a series of trainings hosted by L&S Administration.  The full list of online presentations is available at L&S Admin Training Sessions.