EPD - Academic Staff Committee

EPD Academic Staff

Our department consists of faculty, academic staff, and university staff. This committee assists department academic staff with information about academic staff governance and title promotions. We are also connected with the college-wide CASI: Committee on Academic Staff Issues which advises the College of Engineering dean on academic staff policy and procedure formulation, review and development, in compliance with campus policies and procedures. Campus-wide, we have the Academic Staff Assembly.

Mission Statement (updated FY18):

  1. Serve as a departmental access point to University Academic Staff resources, policies, and assembly representatives.
  2. Address concerns for Academic Staff human resource and policy issues, gather input and recommend action to the department voting body, leadership team, executive committee, or academic staff assembly as appropriate.
  3. Based on promotion guidelines, assist Department Chair and Business Manager with the Academic Staff title changes/promotion application process to include it as part of the annual review and be available for peer review.
  4. Assist in onboarding new EPD academic staff both individually and with departmental orientation.

          FY19 Committee:

          EPD Academic Staff Committee email: EPD_acstaff_Committee@lists.wisc.edu

          EPD Academic Staff email: epdacademicstaff@lists.wisc.edu


          The EPD Academic Staff Committee can guide you to various resources depending upon your needs. Contact them for further information.


          The committee retains EPD Academic Staff Committee Minutes of recent meetings which you can access. You may also access EPD Executive Committee Minutes.