UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Product Overview

This document gives an overview of the UW Digital ID - Digital Certificates. It is divided into the following sections:


UW Digital ID is our branded version of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) which is a system used to digitally sign and encrypt information to prove its authenticity. Applications can use UW Digital ID to attach digital signatures to documents, emails, etc. to prove their authenticity and place of origin. This system allows for secure and safe transfer of sensitive materials like student records, medical records, etc.

Both Windows and Macintosh computers can use UW Digital IDs. The following email clients are supported:

UW Digital IDs can also be used with:

Support Conditions

The DoIT Help Desk Provides support for UW Digital ID users who meet the following conditions:

For internal handling information, please see [Link for document 8948 is unavailable at this time.].


UW Digital ID is available to all faculty and staff with a valid NetID. See the information on the UW Digital ID homepage to request a digital certificate.

NOTE: Server certificates, rather than an individual UW Digital ID certificates, are purchased through the DoIT Tech Store. More information about this process can be found here: DoIT InCommon Server Certificates

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