EPD - Best Practices - Editing Style Guide: Fonts

EPD Best Practices

EPD strives to use font sets that are the most accessible for our global clients and partners. Adhering to these font styles will assure that the maximum number of users on the maximum number of platforms and operating systems will see information as it was intended by the content developer. If materials are not created in one of these fonts, expect that EPD team may convert materials to meet these standards.
  • Times New Roman (preferred for printed materials as it has the highest readability index for printed matter)
  • Calibri (not supported on iPad as of this writing)
  • Arial
  • Helvetica
For documents, keep fonts for longer printed matter at least to 11pt height to maximize readability when at all possible. Tables, charts, and other graphic formats are exempt from this height preference but should be legible.

For slide software such as PowerPoint or Keynote, font options are the same. Headers in presentations should be larger, of course, as should body fonts on the slides themselves.