Well-known UW-Madison Campus IP address ranges and hosts

This document is to provide a handy reference for IP address ranges commonly used on the UW-Madison Campus. DoIT Network Services recognizes the need for campus network administrators to allow or block certain IP address ranges to the infrastructure that they manage. An attempt is made to keep this document the authoritative source but its contents are not guaranteed to be error free.

IPv4 ranges assigned to the UW-Madison Campus

Private companies / Federal Government Agencies using UW IP space

RFC 1918 IPv4 ranges centrally managed by DoIT

RFC 1918 IPv4 ranges not routed and not centrally managed by DoIT

  • 172.16. 0.0/12 IP addresses: 172.16. 0.0 – 172.31. 255.255.
  • 192.168. 0.0/16 IP addresses: 192.168. 0.0 – 192.168. 255.255

IPv6 ranges assigned to the UW-Madison Campus

IP ranges previously routed on UW-Madison [previously checked 2014/11/20]

  • - USGS
  • - USGS
  • - University of Wisconsin-Madison Computer Systems Lab
  • - Dane County University Extension
  • 2001:4e0:82::/48 [deprecated, 3/2008]

IP ranges assigned to UW System affiliates

  • - University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Departmental GlobalProtect based WiscVPN Service

  • The external Public IP used for GlobalProtect Departmental VPN will be allocated from  (with some grandfathered exceptions)
  • The End User IP assignments for Departmental VPN GlobalProtect users will be assigned from (with the following exceptions)
  • fundus

Campus GlobalProtect based VPN Service (WiscVPN)

  • Client IP Pool Ranges - and -
  • WiscVPN PAT Pool Expansion Subnet -
  • All workstations, servers, firewalls, networking equipment on campus will see the or as a source IP address.
  • When workstations are connected to the GlobalProtect vpn service and accessing non-campus Internet sites, the client computers IP source address will be translated to

WiscVPN Service


For current information about the new WiscVPN service, see: WiscVPN (uwmadison.vpn.wisc.edu) - Getting Started  

Security Scanning

The list of addresses used for network management and security scanning can be found @ Scan - Office of Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scanning IPs and Services 

UWNet & Eduroam Wireless and Wired Authenticated Networks

The UWNet & Eduroam wireless clients utilize private IP addresses from the campus routable range mentioned in the RFC1918 section of this document.  These clients are routable to campus and use NAT/PAT behind pools of public IP addresses listed below for Internet access.
  • - Eduroam clients, utilizes NAT/PAT behind for Internet access
  • - UWNET clients, utilizes NAT/PAT behind for Internet access 
Wired UWNet is being deprecated and should no longer be considered a campus-wide service.

Campus DNS Servers




  • 2607:F388::53:1
  • 2607:F388::53:2

The Campus DNS infrastructure is implemented by a pool of redundant dns servers that answer dns requests to these addresses. These DNS servers are for use on the UW-Madison campus only. If you are off-campus, please use your provider's DNS servers.

To request changes or updates to the campus DNS service, please contact the DoIT HelpDesk.

NTP Servers

DoIT has several stratum-2 or less servers; we do not have our own stratum-1 time source.

The addresses are as follows: