Office 365 (Thunderbird) - Create a contact

Best Effort Support Only

This document contains instructions on using a non-Microsoft email client, such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird. Microsoft does not recommend these clients for use with Office 365, and there are often significant limitations in client functionality as a result.

Because of this, the DoIT Help Desk is only able to offer best effort support for these clients, and certain issues may require the use of a Microsoft client in order to be resolved. For more information on Office 365 client support, please see: Office 365 - Which clients/protocols will be supported?.

You can capture and organize information about people by creating contacts. Contacts are like electronic cards that store a person's information. A contact can be as basic as a name and email address, or include more information like a street address, multiple phone numbers, and a photo.

Important: The contacts you manage within Thunderbird are not saved to your Office 365 account. They can only be used within Thunderbird. Plus, any contacts you have created using a client that is connected via Exchange/Active Sync (Outlook | Apple Mail | Outlook Web App) cannot be accessed via Thunderbird.

Create a new contact
  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Select Address Book

    Address book selection

  3. Select New Contact

    New contact selection

  4. Choose from the drop down menu which address book you'd like to save your contact to.

    address book selection

  • The Personal Address Book is populated with contacts you add to your address book, it is stored on the computer you use to create a contact
  • The Collected Addresses book is automatically populated by Thunderbird to every person you send an email to, it is stored on the computer you use to send an email
  • Add as much or as little information about the new contact as you'd like
  • Click OK
  • Add a contact from an email
    1. Open Thunderbird
    2. Click to highlight the email from the sender you'd like to add as a contact

      message selection

    3. In the Preview Pane, right click the sender's email

      right click sender name/address

    4. Choose Add to Address Book

      add to address book sub-menu selection

    5. If you'd like to add more contact details, right click on the email again and select Edit Contact