L&S Community Support: Where Can I Find Information to Help a Student Who Seems to be in Distress?

L&S shares here an important memorandum circulated by the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and the Dean of Students, concerning how members of the university community (faculty, staff, and students) can learn more about suicide prevention and the tragic potential for suicide among students. The Dean of Students and University Health Services have made available "At-Risk Training" to help our community recognize signs of distress, and to know when to contact others or report concerns.

Several years ago, Professor Christopher W. Olsen (Interim Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Professor of Public Health) and
Lori M. Berquam (Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students) called our attention to an online, interactive suicide prevention program through University Health Services called "At Risk" to help our campus community address the sad and tragic potential for suicide among our students. They wrote:

"Every individual who works with college students will likely have an experience at some point where they are concerned about a student's state of mind or safety. In these situations, it is common to wonder:

At-Risk teaches faculty and staff how to recognize signs of distress, respond safely and appropriately, and make an effective referral to resources. All faculty and staff on our campus play a role in keeping our students safe and healthy. In order to best do this, we ask that you take one hour to log into At-Risk and complete this program.
To access the At-Risk training program, please follow these instructions:

If you have questions or want more information, contact University Health Services at suicideprevention@uhs.wisc.edu.

Data on Suicide Among College Students Why should faculty and staff participate in At-Risk?
Reporting Students of Concern 

In order to assist our campus partners in reporting students who are struggling or may be at risk, we have an on-line incident report.  If you are unsure about a situation and would like to consult with someone in the Dean of Students Office, please call 263-5700 and ask for the Dean On-Call. Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. or email dean@studentlife.wisc.edu .