Primo (Search@UW) - Troubleshooting Login Problems

This document provides steps for troubleshooting login issues for Primo, which is the system used to access Search@UW or Article Search.


With the exception of UW-Madison, all UW System schools have campus-specific login pages for their local instance of Primo. While authentication is not required to use the Primo search interface (aka Search@UW), logging in provides access to additional features, including the ability to:

The exact location of a login or sign in link for Primo will vary by campus. Most campuses will allow users to access Primo as a 'Guest' (i.e. without authenticating), however, they will not be able to use the functions listed above. Please note that UW-Madison users do not have the option to authenticate into Primo directly; however, they will still have the ability to authenticate via EZProxy in order to access UW-licensed items.

Login Procedures

Each campus offering authentication for Primo will list two separate methods of authentication:

Pictured below are two examples from UW-Stevens Point and UW-Stout, respectively:

  1. Selecting the first option will redirect you to your campus Wisconsin Federation login page, which is generated by the campus IdP and bypasses the normal WAYF (Where Are You From) screen. For example, a UWSP student would see the following page after selecting Login with your UWSP Network Account (username and password) on the screen above:

  2. Selecting the second option will redirect you to a more generic page requesting your last name and campus-specific ID number. For example, a UWSP student who selected Login with your ID number and last name would be brought to a page like the following:


Troubleshooting Steps

First, select the method being used to login:

Username-based Login (Wisconsin Federation)

There are two different types of error messages that may appear when logging into Primo:

Native Campus ID Login

The credentials stored for this method of authentication are stored by individual campuses. If you encounter an error when attempting to use this method, it may be that you are either not authorized to use Search@UW for your campus, or there may be an issue with your credentials (e.g. your last name is associated with the wrong ID number).

In this case, you should contact the UW System Library Automation Managers at with your full name (first, last, and middle initial), campus name, and a phone number where you can be reached.