Web Hosting - Windows/IIS/ASP.net - VM Sternum Services

List of affected production services (Web Hosting accounts) hosted on the Windows Server 2012‬/IIS Sternum.


ASM Elections
Agronomy - MIPN Control
Agronomy Apps
Annual Conference on South Asia
Applications - McBurney Disability Resource Center
Associated Students of Madison (ASM) - Applications
Business Services - Purchasing Services - reqgenerator
Center for Leadership and Involvement Win/IIS/ASP Applications
Class Roster Information Service (CRIS) - Authorization Process
Department of Art History Image Database
Department of Chemistry - Calibrated Peer Review
Department of Food Science - Food Safety
Division of Continuing Studies - Admin, Catalog
Division of Recreational Sports Apps 2.0
Division of the Arts - Applications
DoIT -- Boreas Project
DoIT - Financial Billing Services
DoIT ADI - Web and Mobile Solutions
DoIT CBS - Itemmaster
DoIT Communications Applications
DoIT Middleware Tools
DoIT Network Services - CNSTools
DoIT Security - Access
DoIT and APR - NewHire
FA MSN Business Services
FA MSN Research and Sponsored Programs
Goudas/WebDAS application
Imaging Service Access Request
International Institute - Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS)
Kohl Center Suites
Leaning Student Information System
Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network (MUFN)
Network Applications
OVCRGE - Directory of Resources for Researchers
Office 365 - Autodiscover 302 redirects
Office of Compliance - Matrix
Office of Continuing Professional Development in Medicine and Public Health
Office of Human Resources
Office of Human Resources - Applications
Office of University Staff Applications
Parent Program Applications - Visitor & Information Programs
      postcards.vip.wisc.edu (Alias for postcards.info.wisc.edu)
Provost - 10 Year Reaccreditation Project - greatu
Provost: Teaching and Learning
SAGE - Air Quality Applied Science Team
School of Music Applications
School of Nursing - Applications WaMS
Secfac - Committee Tracker
Shared Hosting - AWstats
UW-Madison School of Nursing Applications
UW Health MOC Portfolio Program
UW Institute for Clinical & Translational Research Steering Committee
UW Madison Budget Office Applications
University Ridge Golf Course - UW Card check
VOIP Contact Center Express Management Application
WiscAlerts Administration
Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System
Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog
Wisconsin Tobacco Check
Wisconsin Union - Applications
Workload Automation
Zoology Museum Search Application