Annual Planning Exercises for Teaching & Learning in L&S

The planning processes and deadlines related to Teaching & Learning are listed on this page. Detailed instructions are available on the linked KB pages.

Due dates for Teaching & Learning
Due Date Exercise KB Link Tags Contact
4/25/22 Review of preliminary enrollment & financial data for Summer 2022 L&S Summer Budget Model Summer
Amanda Mahr
1/7/2022 Requests for Fall 22 online/hybrid courses  Request to offer an online or hybrid undergraduate course during the academic year; list of approved courses    Zach McLeod
2/4/2022 2022-23 Short-term Staffing Plans  Request Short-term Staffing in L&S  STS (Short Term Staff) Amanda Mahr
2/4/2022 2022-23 Teaching Reports  L&S Teaching Report    Amanda Mahr
2/4/2022 2022-23 TA Staffing & Expenditure Plans  L&S Teaching Assistant/Grader Plans  Teaching Assistants
Amanda Mahr
3/1/2022 TA Early Reports - Spring 2022  L&S TA Early Report  Teaching Assistants
Amanda Mahr
3/1/2022 2022-23 Graduate Support Guarantee Exercise  L&S Graduate Support Guarantee Exercise & Template  Graduate Student Affairs
Lynne Prost
10/15/2021 TA Early Report - Fall 2021  L&S TA Early Report  Teaching Assistants
Amanda Mahr
10/27/2021 Summer 2022 Initial Budget Proposal  L&S Summer Budget Proposals  Summer
Amanda Mahr