Adobe - Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA)

This document provides UW System and Adobe Enterprise License Agreement.

The ETLA Contract

The UW System/Adobe Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) licenses most UW campuses for Creative Cloud applications and services on UW-owned machines and on machines owned by eligible faculty and staff through 11/17/2022. The ETLA also includes 1000 licenses each for Captivate and Presenter for installation on UW-owned computers, which are allocated to each campus based on the number of FTEs reported for the ETLA. UW-Madison's allocation is 573 licenses for each.

The current ETLA is for three years. At the end of three years, if we do not sign another agreement, our license rights will revert to what they were before the first ETLA began.

UW-Madison Distribution

Adobe software licensed by the ETLA can be activated two different ways: Named-User Licensing and Shared Device Licensing.

Named-User Licensing integrates UW-Madison NetID login with Adobe's Enterprise Admin Console to permit activation of the licensed software on UW- and personally-owned computers. Adobe limits named-user logins to a maximum of two active installations. However, if you run up against that limit when installing on a third computer, Adobe makes it easy to remotely deactivate other installations, so this shouldn't be more than a minor inconvenience. Faculty and staff can find self-service installation instructions here: Adobe Creative Cloud - Logging in with Your UW-Madison Account. Please check with your IT staff before installing software on UW-owned machines. 

Shared Device Licensing is Adobe's solution for shared machines. It allows anyone with an Adobe ID to log in to machines provisioned with SDL and use all Creative Cloud apps and services. UW-Madison students can log in with their NetID login and password. More on Shared Device Licensing

IT Staff can build named-user and shared-device installation packages with a variety of options in the Adobe Enterprise Admin Console. If you are IT staff and you want to build installers in the console, please send your NetID to

Please note that the above applies to UW-Madison; each participating campus will establish its own procedures for authentication and distribution.

Software Included in the ETLA:

Software or Services Not Included in the ETLA:

The CLP Contract

Since most Adobe software is licensed under UW System's ETLA, we're no longer offering CLP licenses for purchase. We will renew our CLP agreement through May, 2022 so that customers with active maintenance agreements can renew. If you want to purchase new licenses for software not included in the ETLA, please connect with your local procurement staff.

Software Not Included in the ETLA that is still available under the CLP:

  Campuses Included in the ETLA:

Campuses Not Included in the UW System ETLA:

Please direct questions on Adobe licensing to

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