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Perceptive Content Fundamentals

Batch and Single Mode Processing

Perceptive Content Explorer- Batches

Objects captured by CaptureNow are separated into batches and deposited into the Batches view of Perceptive Content Explorer. By default, the images will be stored in a folder on the server. Once inside Perceptive Content, the batches go through batch processing. Batch processing consists of Quality Assurance. Once batch processing is completed, the objects are forwarded into the Documents view and now permanently stored in Perceptive Content.

In Perceptive Content Explorer, under Batches, all batches that you have access to on the server are listed. Each batch is displayed with a Status indicator, Step/State indicator, a page count, number of documents deleted, and additional data fields. The Step and State of a batch describes how much of the batch has been processed.

Possible Steps are:

Possible States are:

Perceptive Content Explorer - Batches: Quality Assurance

Once a batch of objects has been scanned or imported, it is time to Quality Assure (QA) the batch. Quality assuring simply means looking through each page of the batch and deciding which ones to keep, which ones to discard, and which ones to rescan.

You need to check each page in a batch; all pages are either accepted or discarded. Once you have quality assured even; page, a dialog box appears that indicates that Batch QA is complete. After the QA process is complete, the batch is ready for linking. (Note: You can choose to bypass the QA processing step.)

Perceptive Content Quality Assurance Icons and Descriptions