UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - LRA - Requesting Additional LRAs

This document describes the process of requesting additional LRAs for your campus.

What is an LRA?

A Local Registration Authority (LRA) is an individual designated by UW Digital ID as someone who is authorized to perform administrative tasks for UW Digital ID, including identity proofing / credentialing a customer to ensure their identity, issue digital certificates and OTP tokens, and assist in troubleshooting issues with UW Digital ID digital certificates and OTP tokens.

Requesting New LRAs

  1. Contact UW Digital ID Administration at uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu to initiate the request. You will receive a copy of the LRA form and the new LRA will be enrolled in LRA training, as described below.

  2. The new LRA must submit a request for an OTP token on the UW Digital ID application; once the new LRA is added to the system, they will need to use the OTP token to log into UW Digital ID.

    Requesting an OTP Token: UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Requesting an OTP Token

  3. The new LRA will need to meet with a current LRA, ideally someone in a supervisory position, to get credentialed for the LRA form and OTP request.

    Credentialing Process: UW Digital ID - LRA - Credentialing Process

    Assigning an OTP Token: UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - LRA - Activating / Assigning an OTP Token

    You will need to fill in the ID card numbers of the forms of ID used in the credentialing process on the LRA form.

  4. The credentialing LRA will need to sign the form and email the completed form to UW Digital ID Administration at uwdigitalid@doit.wisc.edu.

LRA Training

All LRAs are required to go through online training to learn more about LRA roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures. This is a required annual training. The training courses are available on https://uws-td.instructure.com/.

To access the training courses and materials:

  1. Navigate to Canvas by the link above.

  2. Log in using your institutional credentials.

  3. You should see two courses listed on your Dashboard:

    • UW Digital ID - LRA Training - Digital Certificates
    • UW Digital ID - LRA Training - Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To successfully complete LRA training, you must get a minimum of 9/10 on the two quizzes listed in each course.