Web Hosting - Wordpress Development

DoIT Shared Hosting offers support for Wordpress (and Drupal sites and the like) on the Linux/Apache (LAMP) platform starting at the Nickel Hosting level. Anyone interested can apply for a Shared Hosting account.

Wordpress (and Drupal) are PHP web applications built on a MySQL database.  Each Shared Hosting customer is provided tools to upload files via Secure FTP and to create their own MySQL database and database users and also can perform one click installs of WordPress and manage other functions of the account through the Administrative Control Panel (see Web Hosting - Managing MySQL Databases).

Customers should be aware that this service is not centrally managed as on wordpress.com or the WiscwebCMS Wordpress offering, for example.  Their Wordpress or Drupal instance, etc. is their own to manage with the autonomy to install themes, plugins, etc. you wish to utilize.  Customers are advised to read through our KB: Web Hosting - Guide for Using Open Source Packages for tips on successfully managing their WordPress or other open source application.  Information on securing WordPress can be found in our KB: Web Hosting - Wordpress Security with WordFence

*** Please note the WiscWeb CMS service offers standardized WordPress hosting utilizing the UW campus theme: https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/ -- Please note that you do not have direct control of installing plugins or using themes other than the UW Theme and child themes***

For assistance with content management and development of custom Wordpress (and Drupal) there are several options: 

  1. There are Wordpress and Drupal collaboration groups on campus.
  2.  UW Marketing is available for hire for any wisc.edu domains.  Contact by email or call  at 262-9628 to find out more about their services.
  3. DoIT Academic Technology provides WP and Drupal development for academic departments on campus. They are available for consultations.
  4. DoIT Web Development Services