Office 365 - Support for Message Encryption and UW-Madison's Digital ID Service

What is a Digital ID?
A Digital ID is an official way of validating who is who on the Internet. It enables you to verify that the email and documents you send and receive are from the real authors.

What is S/MIME?
S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a standard for public key encryption and signing of MIME data.

What is Office Message Encryption (OME)?
OME combines email encryption and rights management capabilities. Email message encryption helps ensure that only intended recipients can view message content.

Q. What are the uses for Digital ID and Office Message Encryption (OME)?

A digital ID
Helps others know that you are who you say you are
Stops anyone from using your account
Can prevent snoopers from reading messages in transit
Protects your computer in case it is stolen

OME allows you to
Tag a message if it can be forwarded or not, set as confidential, or set as confidential view only

Both these features can be used simultaneously within Outlook desktop clients.

Q. Does Office 365 using a desktop client (Outlook) support S/MIME email signing and encryption with UW System's Public Key Infrastructure (UW Digital ID)?

A. Yes. Email signing and encryption with Office 365 has been evaluated by the UW Digital ID Team. S/MIME signing and encryption will continue to function in the same way it does currently for desktop clients such as Outlook and others. These clients will manage UW Digital ID (X.509 certificates) in the same manner they do today.

What does this mean?

Q. Does the Office 365 web interface (Outlook on the web) support S/MIME email signatures with UW System's Public Key Infrastructure (UW Digital ID)?

A. No, Office 365 Outlook on the web does not support this capability.

What does this mean?

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