UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - LRA - Activating / Assigning an OTP Token

This document will summarize the steps you will take to activate / assign the smartphone application for a customer.

  1. Navigate to https://uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu and log in with your institutional credentials.

    If you experience problems logging into this page please refer to the following KB document: Wisconsin Federation - Logging into an application

  2. When prompted to, enter your OTP code to finish logging in.

  3. Click Administration in the left-hand sidebar.

  4. Search for the customer's request by entering the customer's name into the Name field and clicking Search.

  5. Select the customer's OTP request.

  6. Credential the customer as described in this KB document: UW Digital ID - LRA - Credentialing Process

  7. Once the customer has been credentialed, click Activate Device in the Available Actions panel.

    Changing Device Types

    If the customer changes their mind and wants a key fob instead of the smartphone application, or vice versa, you may update the token type under Token Type before activating the request. This will NOT affect how the token operates.

  8. Enter the credential serial number.

    • Hardware Token (Key Fob): Serial number is located on the back of the device (typically starts with DP).

    • Software Token / Smartphone App: Serial number is located at the the top of the application screen, above the OTP code (typically starts with VSMT or SYMC or SYMZ).

  9. Re-enter the credential serial number and click Activate Device.

  10. When you see "Token has been activated," the OTP token is now activated and can be used. We recommend testing the OTP token to ensure the generated passwords work. Please follow the instructions on this KB: UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Testing an OTP Token