UW Digital ID - LRA - Searching for Requests

UW System sunsets Personal Digital Certificates (UW Digital ID) service for all system campuses and affiliates effective June 30, 2022. As of March 01, 2022, no new requests for individual Personal Digital Certificates (UW Digital ID) will be issued.

This document will summarize the steps in searching for a user's request or listing a specific kind of request.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are not located in the main application. You can search for digital certificate requests at https://certs.uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu

  1. Navigate to https://uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu and log in with your institutional credentials.

  2. Click Administration in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. You can select various options to search for specific requests. Options for searching requests are listed below:

    • User Search: Search by full name, SPVI, EPPN, or PKI ID

    • Email: Search by the email address associated with the request

    • Campus: Search by campuses you are authorized for

    • Status: The following statuses are associated with a identity proofing request:

      • SUBMITTED: Employee requests that have been submitted but still need to be ID verified / credentialed

      • CREDENTIALED: Employees who have been ID verified / credentialed but have not had a device assigned