UW Digital ID - LRA - Searching for Requests

This document will summarize the steps in searching for a user's request or listing a specific kind of request.

Digital Certificates

Digital certificates are not located in the main application. You can search for digital certificate requests at https://certs.uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu

  1. Navigate to https://uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu and log in with your institutional credentials.

    If you experience problems logging into this page please refer to the following KB document: 13942

  2. Click Administration in the left-hand sidebar.

  3. You can select various options to search for specific requests. Options for searching requests are listed below:

    • User Search: Search by full name, SPVI, EPPN, or PKI ID

    • Device Serial: Search for a given OTP token

    • Email: Search by the email address associated with the request

    • Campus: Search by campuses you are authorized for

    • Status: The following statuses are associated with OTP tokens:

      • SUBMITTED: Employee requests that have been submitted but still need to be ID verified / credentialed

      • CREDENTIALED: Employees who have been ID verified / credentialed but have not had a device assigned

      • COMPLETED: Employees who have been credentialed and have a device assigned; These are the only ones who can generate a OTP

      • REJECTED: Employees who have had their request rejected