UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Requesting an OTP Token

This document will summarize the steps you will take to request a key fob or smartphone application that will relay your one-time password (OTP) for authentication to HRS or SFS.

Please Note: Multiple campuses are using their local campus MFA solutions to gain access to protected systems. Presently these campuses are: Eau Claire, Madison, Platteville, River Falls, Stout, and UW Shared Services.

These campuses will follow their own processes for obtaining MFA devices.

For Campuses using the UW Digital ID OTP Service:

  1. Navigate to https://uwdigitalid.wisconsin.edu and log in with your institutional credentials.

    If you experience problems logging into this page, please refer to the following KB document: Wisconsin Federation - Logging into an application

  2. Click Request a Digital ID from the menu on the left hand side of the screen or click the Request a Digital ID link at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select Click here to request a One-Time Password Token.

  4. Verify that your name and email address (email must end in *.edu or *.org) are accurate.

  5. Read the Multi-Factor Authentication Core User Policy and Procedures document.

  6. Click the check box stating that you have read and agree with the Multi-Factor Authentication Core User Policy and Procedures.

  7. Click the Continue Your Request button.

  8. Select your three contingency challenge questions and provide answers.

  9. Enter a valid phone number for a contingency access temporary One-Time Password. A mobile phone is recommended in case you are not in your office.

  10. Click the Save Contingency Access Information button to proceed.

  11. Select I would like to use a key fob or I would like to use my smartphone to indicate whether you wish to obtain a hardware fob or use your smartphone as your OTP device.

  12. Once this has been done you will see a confirmation that your request has been submitted. You will also receive an email outlining the next steps, including ID verification requirements and who your Local Registration Authority (LRA) is.

    Please refer to this KB document for information about credentialing / ID verification: UW Digital ID - Customer - Credentialing Process