Microsoft 365 - Recover deleted items

The following article explains some of the restrictions and limits when a data object/file is deleted from your Office 365 account or SharePoint site.


Recover Deleted Items

Outlook on the web

Use Microsoft instructions to recover a deleted item.

Outlook for Windows

Use Microsoft instructions to recover a deleted item.

Outlook for Mac

At this time, Outlook for Mac does not have the ability to restore a deleted item from Recover Deleted Items folder - use Outlook on the web instructions instead.

Note: If you need to recover a contact, user these instructions.

Deleted item(s) from Office 365 account

Important: In addition to having permissions to the folder(s) of the account you are attempting to access, the account must be searchable in the GAL.

  •  Access Emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks, etc

    When you delete an item (email, calendar event, task, etc.), it is moved to your Deleted Items folder. Depending on your settings, these messages may be periodically emptied from your Deleted Items folder. Once this folder has been empty, some Microsoft clients, including Outlook on the web and some desktop versions of Outlook, allow you to recover deleted items that are no longer available in your Deleted Items folder.

      1. Log into Office 365 account via Outlook on the web.
      2. Click on your name in the top right corner of Outlook on the web and select "Open another mailbox..." from the drop-down menu.
      3. Within the "Open another mailbox" window, enter the email address of the account you have full mailbox permissions over:

        open another mailbox screen

      4. Click open. A new tab/window will be opened showing you the mailbox of the account you entered.

Deleted item from Sharepoint site or Team

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