My UW-Madison - Service Description

This document gives an overview of My UW-Madison.


My UW-Madison provides students, faculty and staff with an easy-to-use, secure gateway to online information. More than just another Web site, My UW-Madison offers an impressive array of personalized services that can enhance instruction for students and faculty and boost productivity for staff.

Anyone with a valid NetID and password can access My UW-Madison from any computer, whether on-campus or off-campus. If you do not have a NetID, please see our document:
NetID Activating Account.

Note: Applicants can also access a limited view of the portal in order to access the Student Center.

Notable features of My UW-Madison include:

For a complete list of features and options within My UW, see DoIT's My UW-Madison Page.

Support Conditions

The DoIT Help Desk provides support for My UW-Madison users who meet the following conditions:


My UW-Madison is available to all students, faculty, and staff with a valid NetID. It can be accessed at