OVCRGE-CASI Subcommittees

This document contains a brief description of all Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education CASI subcommittees.

Standing Subcommittees: The following subcommittees are established in accordance with the by-laws of the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Committee on Academic Staff Issues (OVCRGE-CASI). The membership and appointments to these committees rests with the CASI. A member of the CASI shall chair each subcommittee, but the membership may include OVCRGE academic staff who are not members of the current CASI.

COM Communications Subcommittee

Chair: Jenny Hackel

This standing subcommittee establishes and monitors communication with OVCRGE academic staff and with campus academic staff committees external to the OVCRGE. The subcommittee manages a website, prepares the annual report, and develops informational materials about governance.

ND Nominations and Districting Subcommittee

Chair: Peter Johnson

This subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that academic staff positions for membership on the CASI, membership on CASI subcommittees, and appointments to other committees within the OVCRGE have qualified nominees. This subcommittee is also responsible for assigning the academic staff to the CASI election districts so as to ensure fair and sensible representation of all academic staff on the OVCRGE-CASI.

PDR Professional Development and Recognition Subcommittee

Chair: Nagesh Adluru

This standing subcommittee will be responsible for recommending strategies for the professional development and recognition for academic staff within the OVCRGE. Developing and managing a mentoring program for new academic staff in the OVCRGE is included within the scope of this subcommittee.

PPP Personnel Policies and Procedures Subcommittee

Chair: Lauren Meyers

The purview of this subcommittee includes the following: