ECMS - NetID Login to Imaging System

This document explains the ImageNow/WebNow login process.

Imaging System Change to Scoped NetID Login

For users of ImageNow and WebNow at the UW-Madison, the Perceptive Content desktop and Perceptive Experience web clients will have different authentication processes. The sections below detail these differences.

Perceptive Content Desktop Client

When you run the ImageNow desktop client you will now enter your credentials in this format:, e.g., The password remains the same password you have been using:

image now desktop client login

Perceptive Experience Browser Client

Web browsers can store bits of data in something called a 'cookie'. If you've used WiscMail or WiscCal then you have used the process that Perceptive Experience uses, with an additional screen. This login process will store on your computer a cookie that signifies a successful login for any of the services that use it (WiscMail, WiscCal, Perceptive Experience). If you have previously logged into any service that uses the authentication process Perceptive Experience uses (e.g., WiscMail) then you may jump directly into Perceptive Experience because that cookie exists.

If you are logging into Perceptive Experience without having first logged into some other campus service then the following screens will be presented to you:

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